Live bidding
Live bidding is the second and the last part of the auction sale process, it’s only available to our Premier members through I-Bid LIVE. 

Premier members can bid on live auctions from anywhere in the world, regardless of where the auction is taking place. For each of our 300,000+ vehicle listings, members can find a sale date, item number and current bid. 

To bid on a vehicle, click on “Join Now,” and a live auction window will appear. Members will be able to see images and information about the vehicle along with all relevant bidding details. Each live auction lasts for about 3-4 hours depending on the number of vehicles they have for sale at that location. Please note, the bidding goes really fast, it takes 30-40 seconds for each vehicle to be sold during the live auction. 

Members can click the box that matches the bid they are willing to make, and that will become the new high bid. Members can also indicate their maximum bid amount in the field below instead and hit the blue button Rapid Bid. In this case the system will go on bidding on behalf of a Member up to that maximum amount according to the live bid increment if someone else tries to outbid him. 

Note: All maximum amounts submitted are confidential and are not visible for any other members.

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