Engine Start and Runs and Drives
These designations refer to the condition of the vehicle when it arrived at the auction yard. 

Engine Start indicates that the vehicle started when it reached the yard. Please note that jumper cables might have been used to start the vehicle.
Runs and Drives indicates that the vehicle was capable of driving under its own power when it reached the yard. 

Both of these are good signs that the vehicle is in working condition, but they are not a guarantee.

As is policy
All vehicles are sold under a strict “as is where is” policy, and it’s a member’s responsibility to research the history and condition of the vehicle in question before placing a bid.

Vehicle verification
All vehicles are checked and verified by auction facility third-party personnel who are not employed by SCA. We neither have knowledge of nor take responsibility for any verification made by the auction yard. SCA solely relays information provided to us by the auction yard for members’ convenience.

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