Wire transfers
A wire transfer is an electronic payment that quickly moves money from one account to another. Upon winning an auction, SCA will immediately send an email confirmation of the winning bid and detailed instructions on how to pay the bill via wire transfer.

Note: Visit a local bank to authorize the transfer. Most banks require ID verification before posting transfers.

Required documentation
The following will be necessary in order to complete the wire transfer:
-Government-issued photo ID
-The account holder’s name and address, account number, bank name and address -ABA routing number (U.S.) or SWIFT code (international)

Please be aware that banks may charge higher amounts for wire transfers (up to $20), and if the money is handed off to several banks, there may also be multiple transfer fees. It is critically important to check with the bank for exact transfer costs before submitting payment, as each bank will take its fees from the transfer, which may result in SCA receiving less than full payment for the vehicle.

Note: Failure to pay the full sale price within two business days will result in penalties.

SCA will need an emailed or faxed copy of the bank receipt and the SCA invoice in order to verify the payment on our end.

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