Step 1: Registration & Memberships

Register: Create a free online account in less than a minute. No dealers license required.

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Choose Membership Type: Select the membership that fits your buying needs – Basic for free, Premier for $199 annually, or Expert for $349 annually.

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Upload ID: Upload your government-issued ID for verification.

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Increase Buying Power: Increase your Buying Power to start bidding by adding a fully refundable security deposit. The minimum deposit is $1,000 or 15%, whichever is greater of the amount you'd like to bid.

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Add Personal Information: To complete your registration, fill out your personal information by adding your phone number and address.

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Step 2: Car Finder

Car Finder: Finding a good deal is easy with our car finder – use the advanced filters to find exactly what you're looking for in a few quick clicks.

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Watchlist: Keep all your favorites in one place – add vehicles you're interested in to your watchlist.

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Save Searches: Save time by saving your customized filters – access your saved searches quickly and get notified of new arrivals within your custom filters.

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Preview Vehicle: Make a better buying decision by hiring a third-party inspector or previewing the vehicle in person (available only to Premier & Expert members).

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Vehicle History Report: Don't let anything get past you by getting a vehicle history report – view full records of a vehicle's past life.

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Step 3: Placing Bids

Bid Live: Join live auctions online in real-time from anywhere in the world and bid live to win against other bidders. Live auctions are available to Premier & Expert members only.

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Pre-Bid: Don't have time to join a live auction? Place your maximum pre-bid and let the automated system bid on your behalf.

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Buy with "Buy It Now": Bidding isn't your thing? We offer a wide array of "Buy It Now" vehicles that you can instantly purchase without going to a live auction or pre-bidding.

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Pay for Vehicle: We make paying for your vehicle simple, either won or bought outright with "Buy It Now" we will email you an invoice with wire transfer instructions.

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Step 4: Shipping

Let us take care of shipping – domestically or internationally. Get a free shipping estimate with our shipping cost calculator located on every vehicle listing page, or get in touch with us via email or live chat for an exact quote and to arrange shipping. Once your vehicle is en route to you from the auction yard, we will initiate the process for your ownership documents.

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