Before bidding, you must place an initial refundable security deposit of $400 or 10%, whichever is greater of the amount you'd like to bid. It's what sets your buying limit – the amount you can bid. A $400 deposit will set your maximum bid at $4,000 and your bidding limit at one vehicle. If you're looking to bid more than $4,000 or bid on more than one vehicle simultaneously, you will need to increase your buying limit based on our calculator.*

To increase your buying limit, click on "Add Deposit" in your SCA account to add a security deposit. Then move the slider to adjust your buying limit based on your needs. Remember, the security deposit is 100% refundable and can be refunded at any time if there aren't any outstanding balances and if your vehicle has been picked up.

**Increasing your maximum bid or bidding limit may require upgrading your membership.

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