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What is live bidding, and how does it work?
What is live bidding, and how does it work?
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Live bidding is a type of bidding that allows Premier members to bid in real-time on a vehicle during a live auction. Premier members can join online live auctions from anywhere, regardless of the auction location.

To begin bidding live, click "Join Now" on the vehicle of your choice to access the live auction block. Each live auction can last anywhere between 3 to 4 hours, depending on the number of vehicles on that lane. Once your item is up, you will see images, vehicle information, and bidding details. Please note that live bidding is very fast and can last anywhere from a few seconds to a minute, depending on the demand of the vehicle.

When your item is up on the block, click the "Bid" button if you are willing to make a bid in that amount. It will then become the new high bid unless outbid by another participating bidder. Alternatively, you may click "Auto Bid" and enter your maximum bid. This will prompt the automatic system to bid automatically on your behalf to outbid other bidders and up until your maximum bid if needed. The system will only bid enough to outbid other bidders and will not present your max bid unless necessary to outbid. All maximum bids submitted are confidential and not visible to any other bidders.

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